Money Matters 101 is inviting local and online businesses to advertise on our blog site. Businesses from any niche are welcome. Our readers come from all over and include doctors, lawyers, teachers, college students, homemakers, children, and more. Our readers will be a great audience for exposure and get the word out on your business.

How Does It Work?

The process is fairly straight-forward. Simply send us an email with the following information:

  • Your business name and main product or service
  • A little background on your business and the audience you want to reach
  • Your choice of advertisement from the options below
  • A ready for upload advertisement of your business or specific promotion
  • Where you are located and whether you are also an online business


Banner advertisements – Flashing or non-flashing advertisement at the top of a page. It attracts attention as it is the first thing readers see when the page opens. Costs: $30 per month on a monthly basis.

Sidebar advertisements – Video or business card advertisements that are placed on the right-hand side of a webpage. Video advertisements are very effective and a good way to go. Costs: $25 per month on a monthly basis.

Pop-ups – Advertisements that appear when a reader opens a new page. It can be closed if they are not interested, but most people read these pop-ups before closing it. It is good exposure. Costs: $25 per month on a monthly basis.

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